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Meets Kinetic Shift

May 2016 saw me venture to Birmingham to catch up with an old friend Karl Smith, trainer at the UK Hypnosis Academy and head of company Head on Hypnosis. This weekend he was once again training therapists in the art of his Kinetic Shift. A process which he devised and is now in use around the UK if not the world. Find out more when Tranceform Hypnosis Meets Kinetic Shift

Having been trained by Karl a number of years back i have frequently attended his workshops and courses to assist in the delivering of them. This weekend was no different.

Day 1

I got up at 5:30am and took the train down to Birmingham New St. Taking the short walk over to the classroom where I caught up with Karl. We had a short discussion about the weekend, but it was not long before the students stared to arrive. 9am saw them tuck into a nice little breakfast, before the commencement of the course at 9:30.
As today was Day1, we took them back to learning Rapid inductions and then allowing them the morning to practise. Throughout the day they learnt about 8/9 new inductions. That will allow them to hypnotise clients in anything from minutes to seconds and not the standard 20/30 minutes relaxation technique, that is used by so many.

By the end of the exhausted day. Students were given a quick insight into the following day and what they could learn from process Karl has called – Kinetic Shift.

Day 2

Once again on Day 2, after a tasty breakfast. Students were sitting down and all ready to learn. Karl explained the process and then went through it several times before the students had the time to have a go themselves.

They practised and practised refining the new process until they could do it in their own little way. As a result not only were the therapist learning this skill. They were trading it in and getting rid of things that they too, had stored in the cupboard for long a time. It did not take much longer for people to realise that this ‘Kinetic Shift’ does actually work and they could see the effects for themselves. As the phrase was given over the weekend ‘jam jars were popping all over’

By the end of the Day 2 the newly confident students were loving every little bit of this new skill. You could see that they were going to take it straight into their workplace. However there was one little shock install for me.

A Little Surprise

During the handing out of the certificates. I was happily clapping away at every single newly trained student, when my name was called. As you can understand, this was a little bit strange. I had attended many of these classes and assist on them before, but what now? Am i going to get another certificate, to go with the other one, i thought???? However to my surprise, my piece of paper had on it Lead Trainer – woohoooo, awesome. Having helped Karl at so many he had thanked me by making me Lead Trainer. This was great, I was chuffed and needless to say thank him.

Kinetic Shift is a process which lets you make the decisions. It is a release of energy that you have been storing in your life for so long and never known how to get rid of it. It is a process which can work for you in a short space of time. So short that you did not think that it would be possible. Yet here i am, telling you it works and like some many other practitioners now. I am putting it to the test with every client at Tranceform Hypnosis.

Watch here my interview with Karl Smith:


….Had an amazing weekend, thank you Karl, Charlene and Angelo,  the course was a refreshing “shift” for me personally and challenges the status quo, Look forward to taking the learning forward. Thanks!….


….Thank you so much for making me so welcome on day 2 of the course it was a fabulous learning experience on so many levels. Thank you Karl Char and Angelo X…..

….Had an awesome, eye opening weekend with some amazing people. Learnt so much and experienced so much more. Highly recommend. Already been practising my new skills. Thank you Karl, Charlene and Angelo…..….


Wow! What an AMAZING weekend! Kinetic Shift is so truly powerful…. It’s REAL, it’s dynamic, it’s compelling and it will completely enhance if not change the way you work. It will bring out the best therapist in you, instinctively and intuitively. And to work so intensely with such a wealth of other therapists that this course brings together is also worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you Karl, Char and Angelo for really opening my eyes…..


….All I can say Karl is what an Awesome amazing shift system and course, thoroughly enjoyed it all, I get it ……. great people, fantastic trainer and team Charlene and Angelo made great new friends also. Anybody wanting a diverse therapy tool, don’t hesitate do it…..


….Angelo is a top class hypnotist I had the pleasure of training with him and seeing exactly just what he can do. His skills are on the next level! he also such a pleasure to train with you can tell he knows exactly what he is doing as does it so so well! You are guaranteed to get results!….