Trauma Help with Kinetic Shift

Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, Energising

Experiencing something traumatic was once too many times already. Why would you want to take part in a process that has you relive it again?

Kinetic Shift turns that traditional model on the head and allows you to tackle major trauma and any more minor issues linked to it in a dynamic, responsive way without the need to relive any past experience.

What is Kinetic Shift, and what will it do for you?

Kinetic Shift is a rapid method combining several different techniques from different therapeutic and hypnosis disciplines. As a result it will assist in getting resolution with Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Smoking and even PTSD.

The key to kinetic shift is that it is a contentless process, meaning that no one has to divulge or relive any experience it seeks to address.

The dynamic process is relatively new and was developed by Karl Smith and has wonderful results for those suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress. It is nothing new, it uses techniques and insights which have been tried and tested elsewhere, for example eye movement techniques to process memories similar to those described in this book by Sue Peacock in her chapter on EMDR.

What is new about Kinetic Shift is the direct no-nonsense, let’s get it sorted, no messing about approach and results.

Want to learn Kinetic Shift?

A great technique to enhance your current practice. Learn how to use content free hypnosis to work with trauma, anxieties, fears, weight loss and much more!

I am a certified UK Hypnosis Academy Trainer and Mentor. Contact me for more details on training in Kinetic Shift or for mentoring in your practice.