Written Testimonials

“I can’t thank Angelo enough for helping me with my anxiety, I was in such a miserable place before my hypnosis, getting no where with the NHS”

“Angelo was very professional, listened to my situation, I had a session of hypnosis which changed my mindset. He also kept in regular contact with me. From being a regular purchaser and drinker of alcohol, I can now walk past bottles of wine in shops and have no interest whatsoever in purchasing any”.

“Angelo worked with my 11 year old daughter and was kind, caring, professional and went well above and beyond to help her. Within a short while she felt comfortable enough to open up and loved the hypnosis session, which she had been very anxious about prior to meeting him. I noticed a positive difference in her immediately and would absolutely recommend working with Tranceform Hypnosis”.

“Angelo is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. He has a knack of making you feel incredibly at ease. I now wake every morning with renewed confidence and self esteem. I would urge anyone to seek out his professionalism and will highly recommend him. Thank you Angelo.”

“Angelo is bursting with knowledge and competence. He is a brilliant therapist and teacher.”

“I can not rate TranceForm Hypnosis high enough. Whilst in trauma the therapy and care I received was amazing. I feel I have found the ‘real’ me and the sense of internal peace is priceless.”

“Angelo is very competent therapist who knows his stuff , he makes you feel at ease and is very understanding I would definitely recommend.”

“I had some great sessions with Tranceform an recommend to anyone thinking of hypnosis.”

“We had a very interesting session with Angelo last week, thoroughly enjoyed it and will return at some point. Highly recommend him.”

“Was really impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by Angelo. His knowledge is outstanding and his warm welcoming approach helps you be at ease very quickly.”

“His professionalism is excellent and his approach to our situation was such that all of us felt able to confide in him. Whatever it is he does has made a difference…”

“I would highly recommend Angelo for various areas that support a new mindset and way of thinking, but certainly with smoking cessation and weight loss. His techniques, gained from a variety of sources over his years of experience, aim to get straight to the core when you are ready to make that change and are looking for fast and effective approach to long term patterns/ behavioural changes.”

“Angelo is a top class hypnotist I had the pleasure of training with him and seeing exactly just what he can do. His skills are on the next level! he also such a pleasure to train with you can tell he knows exactly what he is doing as does it so so well! You are guaranteed to get results!”

“So, Angelo is a bit of a legend really. What a great guy. I learnt a lot from Angelo and I consider him to be a fantastic hypnotist, trainer and person. Highly recommended.”

“Just wanted to thank you for helping me move forward. I had the presentation on Friday, a couple of small panics walking into the building, but as soon as it was my turn to present I stood up and it all flowed – full of confidence, moved around the room, no worries, had fun and received a lot of compliments on the presentation and the work. So respect to you for what you do and how you helped me. Thanks you.”

“WOW is all I can say. I left feeling the most lighthearted I have ever felt in a really really long time. I have a sense of peace and calmness within myself. Im like a flower opening up and pointing towards the sun and feeling some warmth on my face. Thank you so much.”

“Wow! What an AMAZING weekend! Kinetic Shift is so truly powerful…. It’s REAL, it’s dynamic, it’s compelling and it will completely enhance if not change the way you work. It will bring out the best therapist in you, instinctively and intuitively. And to work so intensely with such a wealth of other therapists that this course brings together is also worth its weight in gold. Thank you Karl, Char and Angelo for really opening my eyes.”

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in getting me to cope with my CPAP mask , and through your expertise ,to give me the confidence to try new objectives , even at my age!! initially I might have seemed a bit sceptical, but we have proved that your patience and persistence have worked and paid off in my case!! I cannot thank you enough for giving me that belief.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I found the whole experience truly amazing. As I said, it wasn’t what I expected but it was so profound and full of feeling. Thank you so much for guiding me through….”

“I wanted to know about past life regression , so went with a open mind and what I found was… Absolutely fascinating many thanks.”

“Outstanding afternoon regression taster, cannot wait to re-book and continue my journey. I cannot recommend highly enough. awesome afternoon journey.”

“We all have personal issues that hold us back. Usually connected to a fear of something implanted in our mind. I decided to address my issues. Took the plunge, told my nagging doubt to be quiet and booked an appointment at Tranceform. I am pleased l did because the highly skilled, caring hypnotist, found a way to put me at ease, unblock my mind to help me get rid of fear based low self esteem and confidence issues that have been effecting me. His ability as a hypnotherapist has enabled me to re connect to the confident person l know l am, and for that l will be eternally grateful.”

“I attended a clinical hypnosis diploma course in which Angelo gave us a comprehensive weight management input including a full hypnosis demonstration. The input was fantastic. I’m going to be using everything he taught us. A real eye opener and very powerful. I would recommend anyone with weight issues or lacking motivation to make lifestyle choices contact Angelo today. It will make a difference.”

I had an amazing session with Angelo for weight loss! It was so powerful and a complete emotional rollercoaster for me which I needed! His techniques are fantastic and so unique. I can’t thank you enough Angelo. It was a life changing experience! Thank you once again. Xx”

“I went to see Angelo as I had a severe Bird Phobia. He was fabulous. I can now sit outside at cafes and restaurants and not be petrified of birds walking around by my feet. This has transformed my life. Would definitely recommend him. Thank you Angelo.”

“I met with Angelo 2 weeks ago for transform hypnosis. I needed help with my weight. I found it very powerful & in 2 weeks i have lost 6.5lb! My mind has switched off from eating the wrong foods. I eat snacks in moderation. Cant thank Angelo enough. I will recommend Angelo to anyone struggling to take control of their life.”

“Just wanted to thank you for helping me move forward. I had the presentation on Friday, as soon as it was my turn to present I stood up and it all flowed – full of confidence, moved around the room, no worries, had fun and received a lot of compliments on the presentation and the work. So respect to you for what you do and how you helped me.”