Ok, it’s been 3 weeks to the day since I returned from the Crewe KS 2 day course, with trainers Bev, Graham and Angelo. The reason that it’s been 3 weeks and I’m only just reviewing the course, is that I had been totally blown away and to be honest have only just got my feet back on the ground!

The first thing I need to say is a massive thank you to the dedication and time the 3 trainers put into running that course, each one was amazing, and the knowledge and expertise they all brought and was willing to share was just amazing. They delivered the course at the right level and worked in a professional but personal manor at all times, which enabled us students to learn at a comfortable pace.

I personally found the course to be of the highest standard and I can honestly say that I learnt more in those 2 days than I did in my 1 year hypnotherapy course.

The personal growth this course has given me is huge, I arrived with little confidence in my own ability and full of emotional rubbish and left with abundance of confidence knowing that what I had learnt I could use with my clients on a daily basis and as I had been given hours of practise under the trainers guidance, I had the belief that what I would deliver to my clients would work and I had learnt many different techniques to give me a variety to chose depending on my client.

On a personal level, I have had compacted emotional trauma that has been built upon over years and I had just come to terms with the fact that it will always be that way, that was until I met Angelo.

Angelo demonstrated the KS technique on me, and I still do not have the words to explain what happened, but all I can say is that in less than 10 minutes, yes that’s 10 minutes, the emotional s*** that I had been carrying for all those years had left my body completely. The weight that physically and mentally left me was huge and I could feel it immediately and although I will admit I spent the next week trying to find that emotion (I know that sounds weird, but I didn’t believe it could be gone) I just couldn’t find it anywhere, my memories were all still there, but the raw, sad, emotional crap that normally went with it had gone. OMG, I felt on top of the bloody world and still do.

A massive thank you to Angelo who has given me my smile back on my face and allowed me to live my life the way that everyone should, free of emotional baggage. I have already told him that he will always hold a special place in my heart, but here I am telling him again, thank you so much.

Nicola M.