How Hypnotherapy Helps With Addictions?

Myths about Hypnosis

The world of so many distractions induces people with numerous addictions that can ruin their personal and professional lives.

For instance, a person smoking cigarettes tend to suffer from different disorders of digestive and respiratory system. Due to continuous accumulation of tar in the throat, people cannot open their mouth and might also get affected with fibrosis.

It is a serious health situation warranting attention from the medical consultants. Moreover patients also face bouts of chronic bronchitis that can later on metamorphose in cancer other life threatening disorders. Well treating the aftermath of the addictions is a logical step but how wonderful it could be if people do not fall in trap in the first place? It is easier said than done because habits like drinking chewing nails or smoking are not easy to leave. Many individuals are not so strong willed and suffer from too much anxiety or stress.

Therefore they look out for an easy escape to relaxation rather than facing the situation head on. Sometime people may also get addicted to habits because they like to experience the fun and the thrill that no other activity provides. One of the most important examples of the indication of addictions is the withdrawal symptom ranging from the feeling of emptiness to frustration when the body level of a particular substance to which an individual is hooked to decreases.

Poor focus followed by mood swings is a definitive sign indicating the existence of addiction. Generally it is also seen that an alcoholic might make an excuse to refrain from other activities. People addicted to drug or alcohol will find that they are not able to do justice with their family or work and physical limitation can lead to enormous frustration. Although arrays of medicines are available in the market, it is vital to deploy and alternative and holistic approach to treat the patient.


Hypnotherapy has proved to be a revelation for the patients because of its effectiveness to improve their lives. Rather than dabbling with electronic cigarettes, you may like to try the above mentioned method to get reprieve from the malicious habit and change the tracts of life into a new and constructive direction. For example people who are chain smokers can try to open the inner contours of their cerebrum so that they can surpass the troubles they might face in quitting the habit. With the help of the hypnotherapy under the supervision of the capable experts, you are bound to get stellar results over a period of time. To start with, the patient needs to change the approach towards the addiction when compared to the convention al nicotine replacement therapy.

It is vital to realize that smoking is immensely harmful to health and it would only make the matters worse with the passage of time. The smokers are cajoled and encouraged by the specialists at the clinic to quit smoking so that they are able to enjoy the different facets of life without any physical problem. According to the recent studies, it has been found that hypnotherapy has been successfully used on patients to help them recover from the habit of not only conventional smoking but also the smoking of E cigarettes.

The science of hypnosis is quite old however it’s mighty effective because the patients are treated when they are in an altered state of awareness. When person is relaxed, he or she is bound to concentrate more on suggestion of quitting the deadly habit. You might venture into trance, but as a matter of fact it is quite easy to absorb the instructions of the experts pertaining to the after effects of smoking.

For instance, the patients will be able to understand and follow the golden rule of the thumb that smoking causes accumulation of toxins in the body due to the release of nicotine. Eliminating the habit is essential for your own well being from a long term perspective. The hypnotherapist will require the person to focus on the above-mentioned goals for speedy recovery.

Sessions will compel the patients to make conscious as well as unconscious modifications in lifestyle. Similarly hypnotherapy can be equally effective in treating the addiction of alcohol. It plays a very important role in making the person realise that he or she is suffering from the substance abuse.

By controlling addiction and support, people are able to reform their lives quickly and effectively. The patient ventures into the trance mode to understand the effects caused by persistent alcoholism. If he or she is suffering from withdrawal symptoms, suitable medication is administered to resolve the health issues. Once the hypnosis session starts, the experts elicits information from the individual about the lifestyle as it is a major factor that can impact addiction.

Each individual has to attend the hypnotherapy sessions but the numbers might vary depending on the requirement. Individuals should visit our clinic in case they are prone to boredom or stress drinking. It has been found that with the usage of the proper stress management techniques people are able to lower the level of alcohol. It helps to enhance the confidence as well as the self esteem. Another very popular addiction is nail biting as it is prevalent in majority of people.

Prolonged nail biting in kids may cause dental problems due to viral as well as bacterial infections. Clinical hypnosis induces self motivation in an individual to quit the habit.  Due to the techniques of brain imaging, it was discovered that an individual might work in a far better manner in understanding the implications of addiction. During training, our experts at Chester narrow down on the reasons as to why the child or an adult is biting the nails.

The causes get revealed, if the person is responding properly to questions. Once the realisation sets in after you come out of the trance, you will not be keen to repeat the same activity of biting the nails. The importance of hypnosis cannot be understated because it helps a person to explore the inner qualities that he or she might not know in a conscious state.  Another vital attribute that you may discover is self belief and confidence to kick off the injurious habit.  Many people are mistaken that hypnosis is a sleeping activity but it’s an error because it is state of keen awareness where a person can perform different activities with amazing efficiency. Due to the techniques used in hypnosis, people can handle the life in a better way.

Sessions are conducted at the Chester clinic by experts to understand the triggers that cause different habits such as drinking and smoking. After isolating the reasons, we proceed to take preventive steps in reducing dependence on addiction.