How Hypnosis will help overcome your Fear and Phobia



Fears are a normal, protective part of our make-up. Phobia is normally defined as an extreme and irrational fear for something, some place, or some event. Fear is a natural emotion that protects people from harm when they face real and impending danger. It can actually cause the sufferer more harm. This is because if not channeled and the phobia dealt with properly. A person is rendered completely dysfunctional in scenarios where he/ she has to face his/ her Fear.

The mind affects the body, which is numbed during the neurological process and could put a person in potential danger. This is something that would not have happened. Given a circumstance where the person had overcome this irrational feeling by being situationally in control. Which in all fairness, you actually are. 

The most prevalent cause of phobias is some previous traumatic experience. Which might have happened during one time in a person’s life. While one may have developed a phobia during his/ her adulthood. The earlier this happens, the more you have time to be cognitively aware of it. The brain builds on the memory of the ‘happening’. Exaggerating the fears and responses. In turn worsening the fear with time. This is a form of learned, evolutionary behaviour. Repeated over and over via neurons and pathways in your brain. Which, as aforementioned, is supposed to help one survive but often ends up troubling the affected. 

Most people around the globe have one fear or another. However it is the instinct of not coming face-to face with it. Or completely desensitising oneself from it makes the fear grow significantly stronger. It might extend to the level where the person plans life in accordance to the phobia or fear.  

There are several ways that have been devised over the years to lessen people’s phobias. A popular method is making them face the feared physically. Although effective to some extents it has its shortcomings, which are unavoidable. However using hypnosis to deal with fear and phobia is by far one of the best strategies to go about the issue.  

There are several steps that are taken to ensure that hypnotherapy works for the patients. A series of protocols are followed to ensure efficiency. They are highlighted as follows: 

  1. The person is placed into a deep state of hypnosis and trance. In this condition, it is perfectly safe and a person is calm enough to not to focus on his/ her conscious mind. Instead, the subconscious is heavily focused on and direct communication with it can be established. In this state, one is highly prone to accepting new suggestions and ideas. Therefore allowing the therapist to cater to the fear.

  2. Though different techniques are used. Hypnotherapy works because the therapist can introduce new associations with the initial thought. The one that induces fear, that are not negative. One’s response can be rewritten or rewired. While the brain can be rewired into understanding that the trigger is not as bad as they realise. This can instead bring relaxed feelings for the person when these neurons are fired once in the future. 

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