I Can’t Sleep, what is going on?

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Most people go to bed to rest, to sleep, to energise those batteries, don’t we? But what happens if you are one of thousands of people who find going to sleep really difficult? 

What Happens when you Sleep?

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However before I venture into the world restlessness, have you ever thought about what happens when you fall asleep? While everything appears calm and tranquil on the outside. Deep inside the mind the neurons are just starting another shift. I see it a little like the road works on the motorways at night. When it is calmer, less traffic. The workers set up their equipment and start to repair. What to you, looked like a road that had nothing wrong with it.  

It maybe that they are just doing some minor cosmetic work. Or that it could be that they are there to add an extra lane because the traffic has just got too much and it needed easing.  

Well the neuron workers inside your brain are no different. Fixing, adjusting or widening your brain, mind and body for the tasks it has being dealing with during each day and getting ready for the next. Yet as I said, what if you are one of these people who find dropping off not as easy as others. Do I have the answer? Maybe I do. 

Body Clock

 You see it is quite common knowledge that we work around a circadian rhythm. A body clock or a sleeping pattern to name a few it is more commonly known as. Yet this can be broken down even more. Within that there are more phases like Delayed; Advanced, Non 24hr, Irregular. Within the phases we have the ‘Waves’, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta (and they are not in that order), where during the course of our sleep we venture into and out of sleep. Now I am not here to explain to the depths of details. However paint a little picture of what happens and what I can do.  

 So, so far we have the Workers, who can only work during a certain part of the day depending your Phase/Rhythm. Yet only have a limited amount of time because of the waves constantly moving. However the Workers need to work to make sure that you can function well enough the following day by doing as much work as they can in the time that your mind allows them…. Got me???  mind relax by sleep

So now that we are fully up to speed with sleep. I am going to move onto the next hazard. Now I am fully aware of the potential number of hazards that can cause you to close your eyes as your head hits that pillow and not drift of to blissful sleep. It could be that you have a lot going on at work and can not deal with the stress or anxiety. Or you could have a habit of eating or drinking something during the day that is not meeting your requirements. Like wise it could be medication, family, exercise, tv, computers, the list goes on. 


Hypnosis and Sleep

So after all of that where do I come in? As a believer in therapy and hypnosis (of which we could call this the sleeping therapy, or that just my joke?). There are a number of ways in which I could attend to your needs to assist to in nodding off. 

 Being one of those who like to learn and learn and learn. I have been lucky to attend workshops around the world and if you have seen any of my videos or blogs prior to here you will know. Yet in this field, there are two people of I have managed to learn a lot from for very different reasons, Melissa Tiers and Joanne Goulding. You see one showed me the way into her Sleep protocol and the other assisted me in showing me that a process for children. Sleeptalk I found could help them find a different path in their early lives. 

 I have been lucky enough to use both trainers ingredients to great effect. For those who could not sleep, it has assisted them in sleeping Not only right there in the clinic room, but afterwards when they got home and the other has assisted children come to terms with their inner turmoil.   

The Sleep Protocol

 The Sleep Protocol is about focus, imagination and marrying up with other organs within your body. While one is working closely with parents. Getting you in the ‘mood’, for a better phrase to go to sleep. Something which you have not done in ages. Something which you may find hard to do. But everyone can imagine it right? I mean right now, you can stop what you are doing and imagine, just falling asleep. Feeling so tired, yawning, stretching, all those things you do before bed.

Well, I at Tranceform Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Chester, love getting you to imagine all these things. I guess you could call it my job. So, without going into huge detail, getting someone to do something that they have not been able to do for so long. Letting them feel it, sense it, do it and finally fall sleep. Something that they had thought would never happen, happen. Well you can imagine their face when I go and wake them up?   


 As for Sleeptalk, this is an entirely different approach. This is not just about the ‘sleeping state’ of the child, but also the ‘waking state’. It is about the ‘neuron’ workers doing their repairs at night so that the child can live a better day, thus in turn getting them a better nights sleep. Most of the work I do here is with the parents, the time I spend, the questions I ask and as the process is done while the child is asleep, the parents do most of the work. 

Both offer clients the chanced to make inner changes and certainly with one of them I will approach those topics during the course of the session. 

Tranceform Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Chester

So, should you be one of those unlucky people who have had issues sleeping. Yet are not lucky enough to have read this blog and want more information. Then please get in contact and I will answer any questions you have. So that finally you can close your eyes at bedtime and open them when the alarm goes off. sleep switching

Tranceform Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Chester believe. Sleeping is not about switching off the light at night, but about being able to switch off the light inside you, when you know where the switch is.