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Have a flick through the many Blogs below. Click the link and read any number of them. In turn they will help you understand Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy even more. Here you will find many experiences, learning and interviews. So that Tranceform Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Chester can assist you make a better judgement choice about hypnosis.


Can Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Help Boost Confidence?

Confidence. Everyone admires those who seem to be highly confident about themselves and their abilities. The aura’s that these people have around themselves can be very intimidating yet also very contagious. However under every confident…

How Hypnosis will help overcome your Fear and Phobia

FEAR or PHOBIA  SPIDERS; FLYING; FALLING; HEIGHTS; NEEDLES; SNAKES Fears are a normal, protective part of our make-up. Phobia is normally defined as an extreme and irrational fear for something, some place, or some event. Fear is a natural…
night time

I Can’t Sleep, what is going on?

Most people go to bed to rest, to sleep, to energise those batteries, don’t we? But what happens if you are one of thousands of people who find going to sleep really difficult?  What Happens when you Sleep? However before I venture into…
Myths about Hypnosis

2 Day Kinetic Shift Course

This 2 day course will accelerate your confidence and ability in hypnosis and will change the way you work with your clients.